Investment banks are run by managing directors who have strong links in a single sector of companies they know very well – perhaps covering 30 companies. Boutiques are similarly run by these former MDs. But so too are their peers in other firms. They make the same calls to the same people.

We are different. Open-minded thinking and rigorous process and transparency are our services. We will identify many more potential acquirers or investors for a transaction whether we know them or not. We have over 1,000 corporate relationships and this is growing.

We reflect carefully on our clients’ objectives and structure innovative solutions. For example, a client wished to raise new equity to grow. We avoided this entirely (and their dilution) while securing them significant new blue chip clients, surpassing the results had we undertaken a successful fund raise.

Our advisory services are tailored to entrepreneurs and SMEs who want successful execution so they can focus on their business. Financing and structuring a deal should not be the main focus of a Chief Executive or entrepreneur – it should be secondary to what our clients want to achieve. We spend time understanding our clients’ businesses, devise a plan and clearly layout the process and milestones with regularly reporting updates. If the plan needs to change we remain nimble to iterate improvements. Our clients remain sovereign throughout the process.

We work together with our clients to understand their goals and the business before determining if we can support them. In many instances we are asked to perform a more diverse range of work as a result of high levels of client satisfaction.

All of our partners have real-world business experience as well as investment banking allowing us to ensure quality and innovation in our delivery.