Industry Coverage

The firm is sector agnostic. We deliver value through process and strategy.

In the lower mid-market the greatest value for businesses is to be able to receive investment banking advice. Many of our clients have previously entered into bilateral sale discussions – missing significant value compared to Shawpoint’s approach, as we have demonstrated many times.

The below highlights recently undertaken mandates or where the team has domain knowledge.


All subsectors from capital markets technology, financial software, payments, digital banking/lending, insurtech, proptech, and D2C propositions


Enterprise (B2B) and consumer (B2C) internet, software and tech-enabled services 

Data vendors

All data subsectors especially financial information, ESG, as well as AI/machine learning enabled companies


Upstream, midstream, and downstream, solar, peaker power, and ancillary sectors of the energy market



We have deep connectivity at a global level and we have advised on antimony, chrome, copper, gold, nickel, iron, and clean coal


Primary and secondary care (technology and service) platforms


Innovative new workflow platforms for property sales and lettings


Consumer and professional skincare, including cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and makeup