Shawpoint focuses on debt capital market advisory for private companies and growth equity for revenue generating and profitable companies.

Debt Capital Markets Advisory

Since the global finance crisis investment banks have abrogated fulfilling sub-£100m client debt financing needs. Conversely increasing numbers of companies are seeking to remain private longer before going public and debt financing is an integral financing conduit. Moreover, listing a bond while remaining a private company can be a sound precursor to an IPO as investors follow the improving credit story.

Shawpoint has deep experience in advising the structuring and pricing of illiquid bonds and loans. Working with distribution partners Shawpoint can offer clients an effective mechanism to tap debt capital markets.


Growth Equity

Shawpoint’s team has successfully executed equity raises for growth companies. We enjoy getting to understand a company’s management team and vision.

We consider raises of at least £2 million if we believe we can help the company with our investor community which spans UHNWs, family offices, venture capitalists and strategic investors.

The Firm

Shawpoint provides advisory for European and South American debt capital markets including specialising in bond financing and structuring:

  • Advising on appropriateness of private and public bond financing
  • Financing cost impact for a spectrum of different covenants from weak to strong
  • Market appetite and sentiment for issuance

We have deep knowledge of the following areas:

  • Securities valuation of global illiquid and structured bonds (excluding ABS & CDOs)
  • Bond documentation (of the full prospectus from covenant strength through to trustee/fiscal structures and defeasance)
  • ISDA documentation (IRS, CDS both physical delivery and cash settlement, and ASCOT and CBASW)
  • Credit Fixed Income market structure (specifically the Eurobond market and Switzerland)
  • Post-trade settlement (CSD and custodian operations)

Shawpoint provides debt capital markets advisory by appointment.


Shawpoint Ltd.  is authorized and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  FCA 743635.


Shawpoint Ltd is a company registered in England with registered address 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU  and registration number 10580815.

For further information please e-mail info@shawpoint.com.